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Sarahah app: the psychology behind it

It’s time we spoke about Sarahah app. Yes, everyone’s talking about. Love it or hate it, people have started embracing the app in a bid to know how others are feeling about them. We’ll delve deeper into the psychology behind Sarahah app a bit later. Now, let’s focus on what …

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7 reasons why you should learn cyberpsychology now!


Cyberpsychology is the study of human behaviour when it comes in touch with emerging technologies. What are emerging technologies? Everything from Internet to virtual reality to artificial intelligence. It’s a study about how our behaviour changes in the online world. Why people behave the way they do on Internet, social …

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Social media manager: what it means?

Social media.

Social media managers are a new breed of professionals who, in short, take care of a brand or a company’s presence on various social media platforms. While it might sound like an easy job, it is far from it. Social media is often seen as a place where people try …

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Concerned about the amplifying effect of technology, says Mary Aiken

Dr. Mary Aiken

Dr. Mary Aiken is an expert in Forensic Cyberpsychology specializing in the impact of technology on human behaviour. She has written and spoken extensively on issues relating to the intersection between humankind and technology – or as she describes it “where humans and technology collide”. Her work as a cyberpsychologist inspired …

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Understanding blogging and a blogger’s psyche

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” This quote by Maya Angelou aptly describes why many take to blogging and use it as a platform to express, actualise and sometimes, even comfort themselves. Everyone’s got a story, an idea that needs to be told, an …

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Trash doves: the psychology behind its popularity

trash dove

In the last couple of weeks, a particular purple bird has taken over the Internet. Users have been flooding timelines and comment sections with the sticker of the bird, dubbed ‘trash dove’. In case, you’ve missed the gif, here ‘s how it looks: Where did it start Many believe it …

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Nokia 3310 will revive company fortunes. Here’s why.

Nokia 3310

(The post was updated on Feb. 26. 2017 to incorporate the features of the phone) In the age of WhatsApp, a million notifications, selfies, and real-time video streaming, silence and a peaceful pause has become an extremely rare commodity. All we really need sometimes is a break. A pause — one …

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Dubai to get self-flying taxi drones this summer

Self-flying drones.

There are multiple news reports suggesting that Dubai may get its first self-flying taxi in July. It has four ‘legs’, looks like a big drone and can fly up to a speed of 160 kmph! Is this the beginning of a revolution in urban transportation? In a discussion on transportation …

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Tech allows long-distance couples to touch, share a walk


Technology has shrinked our worlds. We do not need to catch a plane or send letter to talk to person who is miles away. A camera and a click will do. Applications like Skype and FaceTime allow us see the other person and talk. It doesn’t replicate real-world communication but …

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Why we like clicking selfies, but don’t like seeing other’s?

Woman taking a selfie

We’ve written extensively on the psychology behind selfies and how it is slowly becoming an effective way to judge personalities. No one disagrees that selfies are fun to take. But do we like to see other’s selfies on social media? In a recent study published in Frontiers in Psychology, Sarah Diefenbach, …

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Understanding social media fights over politics, religion

Social media fights

Ever wondered why politics and religion divide more people than they unite? Most of the discussions involving these subjects that I’ve been a part of have ended bitterly, often ruining personal relationships or leading to really awkward confrontations. Why does it happen? What drives us to uphold our ideas and …

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How to deal with rumours, fake news on WhatsApp

Icon App Whatsapp

We receive plenty of ‘forward’ messages and ‘did-you-kn0w?’ information on WhatsApp or other messaging apps on a daily basis. Most of them end up being forwarded without being checked for any credibility. And, the worst part is most of them are often rumours. Rumours, by definition, are bits of information …

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Driverless cars spark debate on ethics and morality

Driverless cars

Technology has ensured that we live comfortably. We’ve created many gadgets to help take our minds off things that we consider monotonous or too ‘simple’. It helps us buy clothes, order a meal, send wishes and greetings and so on. Most them are programmed to do a specific task, which …

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