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Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 will revive company fortunes. Here’s why.

(The post was updated on Feb. 26. 2017 to incorporate the features of the phone)

In the age of WhatsApp, a million notifications, selfies, and real-time video streaming, silence and a peaceful pause has become an extremely rare commodity. All we really need sometimes is a break. A pause — one that will make us less self-concerned and just be.

And, that’s exactly why we think the comeback of the grand daddy of mobile phones, the Nokia 3310, will be great to watch. It remains to be seen as to how many people will be ready to make the switch, or at least buy it as a secondary phone.

The Nokia 3310 is set to make a comeback in a ‘modern’ avatar. First, the features of the phone.


  • Launch price:  €49 or $51
  • Comes with pre-installed Snake game.
  • 2.5G connectivity.
  • S30+ operating system (has a Opera mini browser)
  • 12.8mm thick and weighs 79.6g
  • 22 hours of talk-time
  • Both single and dual SIM options by Q2

Now, on why we think the phone will be a roaring success.

Sanctity of short messaging services

SMS, once a life-saving service, has gone through abuse like no other technology. And, it is impossible to completely shift to just SMS-based communication that we once had but it will still provide valuable relief from those incessant notifications and pesky forwards.

And, not to forget the simple keyboard that allows you to type in one hand. The strong feedback on every pressing of key and the strange sense of satisfaction after carefully drafting a sentence are experiences that a swipe keyboard cannot offer. There is actual effort put into making every sentence. Plus, we’re lot more careful while typing using one hand.  So when we’re messaging, we’re really messaging!


Can go on days without charging

Charging smartphones is a stressful affair. It needs a lot of planning and involves anxiety. Finding the right cable and adapter, plug point is a stressful exercise.  Of course, the amount of work that is getting done is phenomenal and that needs a powerful battery. But it has only complicated our lives, which, in hindsight, seems like something we can do without, right?

Brand perception

Phones were once rated based on how sturdy they were. While it still is important to have a sturdy phone, it is more important to own with more ‘features’. Adjectives like solid, honest and straightforward have vanished from our public discourse. Nokia brings these to the table with the 3310 model at a time when phones are catching fire, less secure and evolving at a rapid pace.

Innovation vs. sincerity

Open the box of that new smartphone. Oops, it feels differently from expectations based on what you’d seen. Embrace it or be disappointed? Your reaction is likely tied to your perception of the brand, says Aparna Sundar of the University of Oregon.

A study conducted by her that explored how consumers respond to new ideas when marketing ploys produce sensory mismatches found came up with an interesting result.

Exciting brands are considered unique and attention getting. Sincere brands are viewed as consistent and trustworthy. Exciting and sincere are important brand personalities, because they capture the intimate personal relationships between consumers and brands.

As a backdrop to their final study of the project, Sundar and her co-researcher Noseworthy cited previous research that showed Apple to be creative, young and exciting, while, in contrast, Nokia is seen as sincere and more down to earth.

The study gives us an insight into the reasons why Nokia faded away.

“If you are a sincere brand, sensory mismatch may not serve you, even if it is a novel introduction. Exciting brands, on the other hand, can exploit consumer perception by conjuring surprise through sensory mismatch,” she says.

Nokia should, therefore, to stick to producing ‘sincere’ phones and continue with the ‘what-you-see-what-you-get’ approach.

Yes, bring back the monochrome screen, screen savers, calculator, and snake game!

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