How can your backup plan for ransomware be made better?

IT cybersecurity and data protection experts must constantly step up their game as external threat actors that utilize ransomware, phishing, and other attack vectors continue to develop their skills. An organization may cease operations if a ransomware assault locks its IT systems and data.

Major threat

Given the threat landscape that IT professionals will be dealing with in 2020, having a well-protected network perimeter, data backup, and disaster recovery strategies are effective preventive measures for your ransomware backup strategy. But are they sufficient?

Artificial intelligence-based ransomware defense is currently gaining popularity. An AI component analyses suspicious data packets in addition to checking data packets against a sizable database of digital signatures.

If you use a brick-and-mortar platform, the cost of data storage resources is a crucial factor in your ransomware backup strategy. Organizations having several data centers must be able to explain why the overhead cost of these facilities is necessary. Cloud storage can reduce costs by decreasing the need for physical footprints, but your company must ensure security and data protection. However, more data points represent more access points for danger actors from a threat standpoint.

statistics on ransomware

One crucial factor is the fourth issue from the top. Critical systems and data must be accessible and unaffected if a ransomware assault restricts access. Do your data backup and disaster recovery procedures cover this scenario? To determine the mission-critical systems and data required to run the business, do a business impact analysis (BIA). The BIA can also choose these crucial resources’ recovery time targets and objectives.

These tools and analytics are critical to your ransomware backup plan and post-attack recovery. Take these things into significant consideration while designing your data backup resources. Could the security of your current data backup systems be jeopardized? Investigate other storage platforms you can more safely safeguard if there are doubts about the capacity to recover crucial resources.

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