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Which ear do you use for cell phone? It might tell about your personality

Psychology says every action has a source. We don’t recognize most of them for they rarely decide on outcomes that matter. Our idiosyncrasies are a case in point. But, there is a reason for each of them.

Like, if you’re a left brain thinker, chances are you use your right hand to hold your cell phone up to your right ear, as a new study from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit has noted.

Every behavior, or manifestations (like psychologists like to call them), is a window that gives a peek into personalities. They occur for a reason, are a manifestation of our urges, driven by our mental make-up.

Here’s one example of how we miss some of our behaviors, that can give us a some insight into our personality.

Left or right?

The study found there is a correlation between brain dominance and laterality of cell phone use, and the is a significantly higher probability of using the dominant hand-side ear.

The team developed a online survey using modifications of the Edinburgh Handedness protocol, a tool used for more than 40 years to assess handedness and predict cerebral dominance.

The survey included questions about which hand was used for tasks such as writing; time spent talking on cell phone; whether the right or left ear is used to listen to phone conversations; and if respondents had been diagnosed with a brain or head and neck tumor.

It showed most left brain dominant people also use the phone in their right ear, despite there being no perceived difference in their hearing in the left or right ear. And, right brain dominant people are more likely to use their left hand to hold the phone in their left ear.

So, how is our left brain is different from our right?

The general consensus is language learning is mainly handled by left hemisphere, while spatial recognition is more specialized to the right hemisphere.

So, which side do you keep your phone?

Source: Brain makes call on which ear is used for cell phone

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