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How to deal with rumours, fake news on WhatsApp

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We receive plenty of ‘forward’ messages and ‘did-you-kn0w?’ information on WhatsApp or other messaging apps on a daily basis. Most of them end up being forwarded without being checked for any credibility. And, the worst part is most of them are often rumours. Rumours, by definition, are bits of information …

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Sexting: How common is it?


Let’s get the definition out first. Sexting is sending of sexually explicit messages or images via mobile devices. In case you’re wondering, yes, it is very common, especially among teens and young adults. But very rarely do people talk about it. So how do we know that it is quite common? …

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How WhatsApp is ruining relationships

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Everyone uses WhatsApp.  It has a staggering number of users — over 1 billion worldwide as of February 2016, as per this report. From a psychologist’s point of view, the success of any medium is solely dependent on its ability to provide instant gratification on various levels. What is instant …

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