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An application to identify violent groups on Twitter


Twitter is filled with hatred and offensive posts. There’s no no doubt about it. The medium serves as an echo chamber — one that provides instant feedback — to those who want to outrage and vent their anger. It also breeds other undesirable phenomenona, such as bullying and racism. How does …

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Five essential tips to make a tweet go viral

Viral tweets and Twitter.

Ask any psychologist and he/she will tell you that the single-most important rule of communication is this: how you communicate matters more than the content itself. The same applies to any social media platform. This rule assumes greater significance on Twitter where brevity and timing are the key elements. The …

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The psychology behind using Twitter


As of the fourth Quarter of 2015, Twitter had about 350 million active users every month. As of second Quarter of 2015, 39 per cent of Internet users were found to be Twitter visitors. Every second, about 6,000 tweets are tweeted, which translates to about 500 million a day! More …

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