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How Internet can help you lose weight

Losing weight

Internet can help you lose weight. There’s no doubt about it. The key is to use the disruptive medium to your advantage.  Internet offers the ability to connect to almost anyone which is its biggest strength. But how does it help with weight loss? While we’re in the process of …

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What is cyberchondria?

Internet and online search

How many of us depend on Google for answers to our nagging health-related queries? And, how many times do we end up feeling anxious or miserable at the kind of uncanny similarities in symptoms we seem to have with  almost every scary thing that is written about most of the …

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Male Tinder users report lower levels of self-esteem

Men and self-esteem

Males users of popular dating app Tinder appear to have lower levels of self-esteem and more negative perception of body image than those who don’t use the app, a study has found. The study was presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. In the study, 1,044 women and 273 …

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Do TV commercials influence our food choices?

Crispy Bacon and Cheese, plus beetroot, Snack Chips, Pineapple Guava Juice

We’ve seen those TV commercials that show close-up shots of ice cream melting and the slow motion clips of food falling into a pan. Such ads, invariably, get us hungry or make us go on a hunt to satisfy our taste buds. But is there any scientific evidence to it? …

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Using Twitter to monitor HIV transmission

Photo: Jon Rawlinson/Flickr

Big Data is increasingly playing an important role in decision-making. They are helping make policy-makers, scientists, researchers make informed decisions and understand human interactions and motives better. For the initiated, Big Data refers to large datasets that can be analysed to reveal patterns, trends relating to human behaviour and interactions. …

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