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How Internet can help you lose weight

Losing weight

Internet can help you lose weight. There’s no doubt about it. The key is to use the disruptive medium to your advantage.  Internet offers the ability to connect to almost anyone which is its biggest strength. But how does it help with weight loss? While we’re in the process of …

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What is cyberchondria?

Internet and online search

How many of us depend on Google for answers to our nagging health-related queries? And, how many times do we end up feeling anxious or miserable at the kind of uncanny similarities in symptoms we seem to have with  almost every scary thing that is written about most of the …

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Why are we addicted to Google?


Google is slowly replacing books as our primary source of information. It’s quick, easy and most importantly, free. Answers to almost any questions can be obtained in a matter of few clicks. And, now, you can even use your voice to ask questions to Google. So all you need to …

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