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How to deal with rumours, fake news on WhatsApp

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We receive plenty of ‘forward’ messages and ‘did-you-kn0w?’ information on WhatsApp or other messaging apps on a daily basis. Most of them end up being forwarded without being checked for any credibility. And, the worst part is most of them are often rumours. Rumours, by definition, are bits of information …

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An application to identify violent groups on Twitter


Twitter is filled with hatred and offensive posts. There’s no no doubt about it. The medium serves as an echo chamber — one that provides instant feedback — to those who want to outrage and vent their anger. It also breeds other undesirable phenomenona, such as bullying and racism. How does …

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How social media can help disaster communication

Cyclone Catarina, viewed from the International Space Station on March 26, 2004.

Hurricane Matthew may be one of the most powerful storms to threaten the U.S. Atlantic coast in more than a decade. It has already left more than 280 dead in its wake across the Caribbean. In this day and age, how can we limit the damage caused by such natural disasters? How …

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Negative experiences on Facebook increase depression risks

Facebook and depression

We know the effects of social media, especially Facebook, on teens and how it has an effect on their mental well-being. There is scientific evidence that suggests these platforms have an effect on our social-esteem, biology and overall psyche. Now, public health researchers report that teens who have negative experiences on …

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Six time-tested ways to get more Twitter followers

How to get more Twitter followers

Your online presence is often measured by a set of parameters, like the number of connections or ‘followers’. Everyone wants to be followed so that their voices, so to speak, can be heard by many. In the pursuit to gain more followers on social media, many often resort to methods …

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Why cat videos rule the Internet

Yes, cat videos rule the Internet. There’s no doubt about it. It is estimated that about 2 million cat videos were uploaded uploaded on YouTube in 2014 alone and they’ve got almost 26 billion views!  What makes people watch cat videos? According to a study by an Indiana University Media School researcher, …

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Explained | How Twitter shapes public opinion

Viral tweets and Twitter.

There are over 300 million Twitter users and nearly 100 million of them are active on the platform every day. That’s a huge number. And, with such numbers it’s not hard to see why Twitter is increasingly becoming the place for understanding the public discourse. One of the key factors …

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