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Explaining our behavior and thought process from the viewpoint of psychology.

How WhatsApp is ruining relationships

Man using WhatsApp on phone

Everyone uses WhatsApp.  It has a staggering number of users — over 1 billion worldwide as of February 2016, as per this report. From a psychologist’s point of view, the success of any medium is solely dependent on its ability to provide instant gratification on various levels. What is instant …

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‘E-counselling has some disadvantages’

Laptop and keyboard

The Internet is increasingly becoming our go-to place for finding solutions to our problems. It is free, quick and gives us a sense of comfort by helping us understand that there are others who find themselves in the same or a similar spot of bother. Electronic counselling, especially, has taken …

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Can online games alter our prejudices?

Video Game psychology

We do not summarize or talk about researches that talk about ideas that people are generally aware of. We want to put forward articles that empower people, giving them insights or information that is not readily available in the public domain. In many ways, this article stands as an example …

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Inside the mind of a troll

Troll psychology: Internet and laptop

Ever wondered what spurs Internet trolls to behave the way they do? What are the driving forces and elements that make up their psyche? We were curious to answer to that as well. So we decided to scour for studies, and we stumbled on some interesting ones that have systematically …

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Social media and its influence on teens

Social media

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been churning out articles on psychology studies pertaining to social media. This post is essentially aimed at aggregating all the studies and the results and to find out the bigger picture — understanding the different forces at play, the driving factors and positive and …

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