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How to deal with rumours, fake news on WhatsApp

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We receive plenty of ‘forward’ messages and ‘did-you-kn0w?’ information on WhatsApp or other messaging apps on a daily basis. Most of them end up being forwarded without being checked for any credibility. And, the worst part is most of them are often rumours. Rumours, by definition, are bits of information …

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Driverless cars spark debate on ethics and morality

Driverless cars

Technology has ensured that we live comfortably. We’ve created many gadgets to help take our minds off things that we consider monotonous or too ‘simple’. It helps us buy clothes, order a meal, send wishes and greetings and so on. Most them are programmed to do a specific task, which …

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A sedentary lifestyle can make you age faster

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Most of us have sedentary lifestyles. We work for a fixed time — mostly seated — and get very little physical exercise. Is it harming us? Yes! A study has found that elderly women who sit for more than 10 hours a day with low physical activity have cells that …

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An app to treat depression, anxiety


Proper mental health advice can be one of the hardest thing to get. Two things that often makes it difficult are: opening up to others might take time and it needs to be timely.  Mental health should be a concern for all of us, rather than only for those who …

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Study sheds light on how fake news affects us

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Fake news is a problem. Fake facts are even a bigger problem. A study by Jumpshot found that Facebook referrals accounted for 50% of total traffic to fake news sites and 20% of total traffic to credible news sites. So, what can fake news and facts do to us? The …

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A ‘brain game’ that helps you overcome anxiety, focus better

Researchers have created a simple game in which people identify a specific shape in a series of shapes. The game helped participants focus and reduced anxiety. Credit: Michigan State University

Distractions are inevitable. At every turn, there’s something that is waiting to rob you off your ‘time’. But, what is a distraction? It can just be about anything. It cab be defined simply like a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else. Distractions are generally perceived as a negative influence …

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