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Social media manager: what it means?

Social media.

Social media managers are a new breed of professionals who, in short, take care of a brand or a company’s presence on various social media platforms. While it might sound like an easy job, it is far from it. Social media is often seen as a place where people try …

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Trash doves: the psychology behind its popularity

trash dove

In the last couple of weeks, a particular purple bird has taken over the Internet. Users have been flooding timelines and comment sections with the sticker of the bird, dubbed ‘trash dove’. In case, you’ve missed the gif, here ‘s how it looks: Where did it start Many believe it …

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Dubai to get self-flying taxi drones this summer

Self-flying drones.

There are multiple news reports suggesting that Dubai may get its first self-flying taxi in July. It has four ‘legs’, looks like a big drone and can fly up to a speed of 160 kmph! Is this the beginning of a revolution in urban transportation? In a discussion on transportation …

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